Your car's air conditioner is nothing to lose your cool over if it's properly serviced and maintained. Air conditioning service doesn't need to cost a small fortune or mean you'll suffer in summer's stifling heat. Due to environmental regulation, the long-used refrigerant CFC-12, a chlorofluorocarbon, hasn't been produced since 1995, but you do have several options at nominal cost to take care of your air conditioning system:


  • Repair leaks and hoses and recharge the system with CFC-12. Melvin' still has CFC-12.
  • Retrofit the air conditioner and convert it to run on the new ozone-friendly HFC-134A refrigerant.

In some common repairs simultaneously retrofitting to HFC-134A could be less expensive than keeping CFC-12 in the system. Retrofitted systems are no more prone to leaks and don't have to mean major hardware changes. A retrofit may add to the trade-in value of your car. Keep your cool by having your car's air conditioner evaluated and serviced at Melvin's before warm weather arrives. Melvin's uses the Kool Kare 134 System from Snap-on for air conditioning service.